New Linocut Series

Been a little between posts – but what can I say. You get busy sometimes. A new linocut series is underway. The first is titled ‘Indian Ocean’. Limited run of 12, signed, dated and numbered. Printed on oversized A3 unknown paper – 160gsm. Print size is 300mm x 300mm Title: Indian Ocean.

Available is the shop.

Indian Ocean Linocut

Shop Is Open

So after lots of me saying, “I’ll let you know where to purchase soon”. I’ve actually finally got a shop up and running. i.e. The shop is open and ready for business. I’ll be putting more work up as i get more time. On that note! Here is another print that has just made its way into the shop. What are you waiting for? Link to the shop below.

Shop Shop Shop

New print. Limited run of 8, hand printed, signed, dated and numbered. Printed on A3 Japanese Ho-Sho paper. Title: Africa.

Africa 1Africa 2

Hand Printed Linocut

Got myself an extensive stock pile of linocut gear to do some hand printed linocut work at home. Including some really nice paper (Hand made Japanese Kitakata deckle edge) Pretty happy with my setup. Here is the first print run. A small run because it’s bloody hard work hand printing!

Limited run of 6, hand printed, signed, dated and numbered. Printed on Japanese Kitakata deckle edge paper 43cm x 26cm. Title: It’s not a zebra (Nude in front of curtains).

You can purchase here.

It's not a zebra It's not a zebra

Saul Jarvie Existential Eczema LP

It’s not everyday you stumble upon great music. In fact i’m constantly on the search! And when i say constantly – i mean every single day. Looking, listening, searching, reading. It’s all consuming and when you find an album like Saul Jarvie’s ‘Existential Eczema’ it’s worth every second.  If you haven’t heard him you should spend a well invested 43.31min and do it. He has a new album out which you can listen to in it’s entirety here. If you’re like me and after listening to ‘Existential Eczema’ go ‘holy shit balls – wow’, then you really should jump over to pozible to get this album pressed. It’s going to be on red vinyl for fuck’s sake! It doesn’t get better than that.

Saul Jarvie — Existential Eczema LP

Lino Print

I’ve decided to get back to doing a little bit of messy, hard, easily fucked up and hugely rewarding lino print art. Trying to do a little less tap tap, click and a lot more draw draw, cut – yes it’s Linocut time. I’ve even gone as far as to join a class of master print maker Aileen Brown and get my technique and style honed in and sorted out. Though i think i’ve got it already ha! I’ll let you wonderful people in the internet be the judge – well i’ll judge your comments and we can all go from there. Here is my first for sale. Limited run of 10, all hand signed, dated and numbered. Printed on Japanese Ho-Sho. Comments always welcome.

You can purchase here.

The Ballerina In You The Ballerina In You

If You Go Down To The Deep Dark Woods Today…

If you go down to The Deep Dark Woods today… Well you’ll find they have a new album coming titled ‘Jubilee’. I for one, plus a few other people i’ve met along the way are very very excited about this! I’m that pumped i honestly let out a little squeal, then i retracted it and decided it’s time for a Deep Dark Woods poster. Best that i stop typing and start drawing. So while you wait for the poster, click on the new album’s artwork below for a listen to something. Enjoy.

Deep Dark Woods Jubilee

Selling T-Shirts & Flickr Model Requests

Amongst other things i’m constantly focused on, the idea of selling t-shirts (limited editions) is something i’m quite keen to move into. I did the usual scouring through google for answers on the best way to head into a venture solo like this. Read a million forum posts about selling t-shirts online and the ups and downs of it all. In the end i really just came away with – well – not a lot of help at all. A fair amount of the information is too broad or off topic and i can only conclude that my most helpful tips were about printing t-shirts. Where / How etc etc After all that i couldn’t find a better way to print than I won’t go in detail about them – if you’re interested follow the link and have a read.

So now i have printing and distribution sorted (Teespring). My next challenge was to sort out t-shirt models for me to mock the designs onto. Now you can easily head to your favourite browser and search for t-shirt model mockups and you’ll find plenty. All perfect to use, easy, tasteful and… Yes! the same as everyone else uses! So if you’re anything like me you’ll choose a harder road and find your own models to use. I started with friends – a few problems i found with using friends: You need to find ones that are keen to have their photo displayed for the world to see, for one! Plus you’ll still need to buy plain t-shirts for them to model. It’ll also be very handy if you’re good with a camera (+ have a decent digital camera) Other wise you’re in for another challenge of finding/hiring a camera or photographer. It didn’t take me long to abandon the friend route and embark on another solution. I then came up with an idea that would save me the time and hassle of finding and shooting a model; Flickr!

Flickr has an infinite amount of photos to hunt through. There are quite a few different ways to go about using flickr images. Too many for me to go on about. I went about it this way. Searched Flickr for people modelling t-shirts and keep a tab of the ones i liked the look of or that i thought would be easy to photoshop (you’ll need some photoshopping skills). Then once i had about 15-20 images chosen, i wrote an email in which i asked the photographers for use of the images and gave them details of what i wanted them for and what i was intending to do with them. Of that say 20 emails i sent out i only got a few ‘yes’ replies. But that’s all i needed to get myself some unique and pretty much custom t-shirt models.

Now i have t-shirt printing and distribution sorted. I’ve got models photographed and photos mocked up with artwork. How do i get like minded and interested people to purchase them. To tell you the truth, this is a tough one to answer simply cos there isn’t one true way. I’m still very much trialling it all. One solid answer is that you need a good true fan base. I’m not talking about your Facebook page made up of your friends – because just like your musician friends – you’re going to find it hard constantly ramming buy this down friends throats. The perils of being an artist hey! Oh yeah that’s another topic i’ll go on about in another blog; “How much posting ‘buy this!’ is too much”. Cos i certainly know and you’ll know if you follow me on anything, i’m pretty good at the spruiking. Speaking of spruiking – click on either image to purchase the velodrome city limited edition t-shirt! Only a week or so to go, so get on board!

Here are a couple of flickr models i’ve used for my current t-shirt artworks over at Teespring. Current 2 pieces: Velodrome City // Jason Molina.

Female photo creditMale photo credit

Chanel No. 5 In Motion

Chanel No. 5 poster art – It started off as something to do really, plus i had the idea churning away in the back of my head for some time now. I thought i’d best get it down in 1’s and 0’s (ha! nerd joke), you know what i mean right? Not get it down on paper – that term doesn’t fit into modern day, much, well a little, perhaps. I mean get it into the computer screen aka drawn up with the mouse! Yes i still use a mouse for drawing – old school!! Then i found myself sidetracked lapping up the internet’s billion+ animated gifs – oh the joy and endless possibilities! Perfect opportunity to be had really. My biggest challenge was ‘how do i get an animated gif posted on my Instagram account?’ After reading a few uninformed and nothing to with what i asked google pages, I did what anyone would do! I played the animated gif on my computers browser and filmed it with my iPhone (possibly best effect ever possible). Without further ado:

Chanel No.5 In Motion

Chanel No.5 In Motion

Songs: Ohia and Leonetto Cappiello Bouillon Kub Poster

I showed you a sneak peak of what i was working on the other day. Turns out it didn’t end up the way or style i was expecting. I must have been thinking of the 30s cos what came out was a very art deco style poster. It wasn’t intended for anyone in particular but seemed to fit perfectly with Songs: Ohia, so that’s what stayed – Poster Link.

It did get me thinking about Leonetto Cappiello again, my favourite poster of his being the Bouillon Kub from 1931. I did find an art dealer a while back selling an original that was huge – i’m talking 2m x 3+m. The emails went back and forth trying to find out the price until he finally dropped the bomb, unfortunately i didn’t have a free 60K to blow ha!! If you’re not sure the poster i’m babbling about – it’s attached below! One day – oh yes one day it will be mine.

Leonetto Cappiello Bouillon Kub 1931

Velodrome City Icon Series Limited Edition T-Shirt

Came across this lovely little website they other day ( – the place to get a screen print a limited edition t-shirt. So I thought I’d put something up for the cycling (fixie / fixed wheel) world. I did or still am doing a few ‘icon series’ cycling focused designs over at redbubble called ‘Velodrome City’ I originally designed them with black icons to maximise the use of coloured t-shirts options available at redbubble. I always wanted to do a reversed option but never got around to doing so. Then I found and thought what a perfect outlet for it. If you ride a fixed wheel (fixie) bike or ride any bicycle then you’ll know what the t-shirt’s all about.

Get over and get yourself one before it’s to late. Velodrome-City-01

Velodrome City Fixed Wheel Icon Series Limited Edition T-Shirt

Jason Molina Tribute

A Jason Molina Tribute – A way to give something back.

It’s a massive loss when a talented musician plays their last song. You can find yourself revisiting particular albums that meant a great deal at one particular time or another. Or if you’re anything like me you can continue to play them all, falling in love with each song again and again. I know i’ll be forever thankful that my ears got to hear him play and it was a damn pleasure meeting him.

I designed this tee so i could have a way to give back and help the family with the medical bills. The design is based on an old Magnolia Electric Co. t-shirt. Like this one Ben from Band Of Horses is wearing in this tribute to Molina.

You can also buy a live album here with proceeds also going to the family.

Thanks and spread the word. Click on the photo for the link. Jason Molina Tribute T-Shirt

Started Something New

Started work on a new poster today! Can’t reveal too much at this point, cos i haven’t done a great deal ha! but mainly cos i’m hoping it will turn out to be something pretty special. If all things go to plan, i may even put this one up on tee and let it out into the world in t-shirt form, limited edition style. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

HolaPistolaCo Something New 2013

New poster underway – It’s going to be something special!

New Website Brings New Responsibilities

2013 is past halfway and I’ve just undertaken a complete brand and structure makeover! Yup new website. The Hola Pistola cadre has dispersed and the Hola Pistola Co. (aka Me, Myself, I aka Matt Trevaskis) is loose on the streets – or at least looking at the streets from my window. After many months of contemplation, I’ve made the move and taken the new Hola Pistola Co. to where it always belonged – to the music and related industry of art and design.

That does mean a few changes for the business structure though! Less focus on the corporate world and more focus on anything design and music-related or what I’m interested in. What’s that you ask? Well you just have to ask me! With that said I’m off to launch my first limited edition tee over at Come get one!

Hola Pistola Co. New Website 2013

The New Hola Pistola Co. Website 2013